The X-Shooter Spectral Library

New XSL paper by A. Arentsen: "Stellar atmospheric parameters for 754 spectra from the X-shooter Spectral Library"

The X-Shooter Spectral Library is a collection of 3000–25000 Å all stellar spectra observed at a resolving power of R = λ/Δλ ~ 10 000 with the medium-resolution spectrograph X-Shooter at the Very Large Telescope (VLT).

The current release contains more than 200 stars, while the final sample will contain more than 700 stars and cover most of the HR diagram with spectral types between O and M, as well as AGB stars.

Figures 1 and 2, taken from Chen et al. (2014), show the distribution of spectral types in DR1 and the HR diagram of these stars.

Fig1_Chen_2014 Fig2_Chen_2014

Figure 1: Distribution of the spectral types in XSL observed in Periods 84 and 85 (excluding telluric calibrators). Spectral types were retrieved from SIMBAD or based on educated guesses from the source libraries or atmospheric parameters.

Figure 2: HR diagram of the 219 XSL stars (O–M, LPV, S) with calculated Teff, logg, and [Fe/H], where [Fe/H] is presented in different colors.